Thoughts 12.11

The world as a whole has confused me lately. 

Ever since I was young I’ve wondered why all of my favorite people weren’t as lauded as I thought they deserved to be. Real art is usually cast aside in favor of the more easily digestible popular stuff. Just listen to the crap on the radio or watch some of the stuff that’s broadcast on T.V. and you’ll see hundreds of examples of exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about. 

I think the real problem is I’ve felt dead for as long as I can remember. Maybe by not believing I was alive, my tastes shifted in a direction different from the mindless robots that stumble around this pathetic planet we call home. Perhaps straying from the so-called “flow" one can transcend this world, or maybe I’m just as stupid as the average pup that follows the rest of the pack.

Although, I’d like to believe I'm the lone wolf that strays from the pack, while the rest go off to the slaughter.